What my clients have to say...


“I’ve found working with Julia to be very beneficial, working towards my goals and having her presence as a positive cheerleader for personal growth and development areas has been wonderful. After the first call I knew this was someone I could work with because of her easy-going nature. Being held accountable (while at times a learning curve) has been a driving force in the new personal growth I have undertaken during the period we have worked together. Knowing that Julia would be “egging” me on in the background has spurred me to branch out and try new experiences and put myself out there, consistently. This change is something I’m very proud of!  Julia’s holistic approach worked in well with my personality and goals. Through this holistic approach I’ve discovered some valuable insights into the areas I’m happy with, and the areas that require more work. These insights have been a guiding force in many decisions and positive changes over this period.”

Catherine M.

I absolutely loved working with you. The holistic approach was great and I came away with so much more than what I imagined. The flow on effects to my work, lifestyle and relationship have stood out most…

I’ve always looked at my work as separate to my health, lifestyle and family. Now, I see it as one thing and it motivates me more to take better care. I also feel that I’ve learned a lot about being ok with imperfection, slowing down and not over-achieving. It’s a nice feeling and removes a lot of unnecessary pressure — thank you.
— IW

“Working with Julia has been life changing….A huge change from working with Julia was with my eating. I struggle with IBS since getting gastro when travelling. I have cut many food groups out of my life to combat the symptoms, but not always to my success. Julia taught me how to eat "mindfully" and I have noticed huge differences in my gut. Without changing the food I eat, I have regained control of my eating and have decoupled the stress and anxiety I feel in life from my gut to ensure my gut remains happy. Little things like deep breaths before eating, eating slower, paying attention to my food and not multitasking while eating, and prepping more food; have all positively changed my relationship with food.

I can highly recommend anyone struggling with food/anxiety/stress to work with Julia. This would be the most worthwhile investment you can make to your wellbeing. Thanks Julia!  ♥”

Neerali P.

She also shared a blog about her experience working with me:


Absolutely loved working with Julia to help tackle a few of my health goals. She has a disciplined yet gentle approach and her start with something small rather than everything at once tactic is an overthinking girls dream.
— SB. Auckland

“I reached out to Julia at a really low point; Mother to two babies, feeling self conscious, tired, with a lot of negativity around food. After being coached and guided by Julia, I have now lost 3kgs, I can sustain my energy throughout the day, I eating better and the most exciting thing is that I now eat more mindfully with appreciation for what I’m choosing to nourish my body with. She has the greatest tips and tricks to make subtle, effective and adaptable to my lifestyle as a stay home Mother. I am loving my new self and am a much better mother, partner and person all around since seeking her help. Thank you so much Julia you are amazing!!!!”

Suzy - Hawkes Bay

“Julia is an absolute super star!! Her coaching style is really encouraging and supportive and makes you feel like you're achieving something every day, no matter how small. I really enjoyed her ten week coaching programme, she taught me new life perspective and showed me the importance of gratitude and mindfulness to enable a life that aligns with your personal values and goals. Most importantly, she reminded me that we all have a choice in life, we get to choose how we live! The value of Julia's coaching is priceless, so if you're thinking about it, go for it! Investing in wellbeing should be a priority for everyone.”


I first reached out to her when I was feeling overweight, lacking focus and clarity and generally feeling disengaged with my health and wellbeing.
— Sophie M - Brisbane

"Julia's wellness programs help you to find your centre and create a life for yourself that you truly love.  

I first reached out to her when I was feeling overweight, lacking focus and clarity and generally feeling disengaged with my health and wellbeing.

I knew I needed to change but I didn't know how to start. I thought Julia would spark me into exercise and eating well, but her coaching took me so much further than that - she channelled my focus into looking holistically at my wellbeing, not just diet and exercise, but looking at all the stressors at play and why I had created the habits I had.  

Through her coaching I uncovered many hidden truths about stories I was telling myself and also the fact that I was the one holding myself back from living a great life, when I had previously put blame onto other people or factors external to me.

Julia gave me the confidence to believe in myself and take ownership of my life and my health. After a series of changes we developed together, I am now enjoying a much happier existence where I am making positive choices every day and loving my body and life.

Health and wellbeing is an ongoing journey but Julia Frances Wellness got me onto the bandwagon and I am so grateful for her support and guidance."

Sophie M - Brisbane.

Before working with Julia, I was really struggling with getting into a happy/healthy routine after moving to a new city and starting a new job. I felt like I knew how I wanted my life to look but was overwhelmed by how to get there!

Julia really helped me to make small changes to my daily routines and especially eating habits that were realistic and achievable but had huge immediate impact.

The long term changes I’ve been able to make to my diet - and the resulting increase in my energy levels/overall well-being.

Julia is positive, approachable and genuinely interested in helping her clients reach their goals.

I would absolutely recommend Julia to anyone that needs a little push in the right direction, particularly if, like myself, you find having someone to hold you accountable for actions a good way to turn words into action.

Thanks to Julia I feel like I’m finally living the life I had imagined for myself. I have the energy to get out and make the most of each day and the tools to achieve whatever (realistic - another pro-tip from Julia) goals I set for myself.

Kiwi gal - Hamilton

Julia really helped me to make small changes to my daily routines and especially eating habits that were realistic and achievable but had huge immediate impact.
— Kiwi Gal - Hamilton

I have learn’t some very valuable tools/techniques when negative self talk occurs. Julia’s questioning of what I could do about a particular issue, made me un earth the root of problems and give me a better understanding of why I react a certain way to certain things.
— Amanda Grigg - Christchurch.


Being coached by Julia I felt was a very purposeful and educational experience for me. She is a very warm and supportive person, someone you feel has known you for your whole life.

Julia is wise beyond her years. Under her, I was able to stick to the goals I set week by week. This was a great thing for me to do as it made me accountable for not reaching them. Though there was never any judgment by Julia if I didn't.

I have learn't some very valuable tools/techniques when negative self talk occurs. Julia's questioning of what I could do about a particular issue, made me un earth the root of problems and give me a better understanding of why I react a certain way to certain things.

We live in such a fast paced world and Julia was able to suggest helpful ways for keeping calm, eating well and creating more energy in my life. Thank you so much! x

Amanda Grigg, Christchurch.

Insights from a New Mum:

"When I first approached Julia I thought I wanted to focus on weight but in reality it began with changing the way my mind was every day and treating myself with kindness.

My top three goals when starting the program were, managing stress and anxiety, to be organised with nutritional meals for the family and increase exercise.

I was able to talk to Julia openly and discover that I was able to change my outlook on day to day things and try new tools that have really helped me such as meditation, increasing yoga, giving up coffee.

Coffee was my pick me up everyday but i realised that it was doing me more harm than good. From there everything else flowed from eating healthy, to sticking to daily rituals such as sitting down to breakfast every morning with my daughter. I soon realised I had stopped thinking about losing weight and was much happier.

I also never thought I would enjoy meditation and always overlooked this as an option but after a few sessions I was hooked and it has helped me have a full night's sleep and in stressful moments to take time with recognising my thoughts.

Working with Julia it was not just a change to everyday habits but a shift in the way I saw and approached situations.

The biggest change for me has been managing anxiety and overthinking situations.

I feel like myself again and I am more relaxed version. I am also much more organised now with nutritional meals and enjoy focussing on using foods that nourish our bodies.

I have seen a huge mindset shift for myself, where I now stop to think there is always 2 ways to approach something, I also find myself able to do things I never could with confidence

Julia was very thoughtful, knowledgeable and very in tune with everything i spoke to her about. Julia has helped me with significant changes in my life and i cannot recommend her enough."

New Mum - NSW

I feel like myself again and I am more relaxed version. I am also much more organised now with nutritional meals and enjoy focussing on using foods that nourish our bodies.
— New Mumma - Sydney


Hannah's Story

"I had been getting terrible stomach cramps for years, but I could never pin it down to anything and eventually I just thought these were normal and accepted them as an everyday part of life. 

I ended up in hospital one day when my stomach was so painful that I couldn't stand. 

It was a huge wake up call and I knew I had to make some pretty big changes. I finally thought for the first time that maybe this wasn't normal and it had something to do with my lifestyle. 

Having zero idea how to change my habits I contacted Julia.

A couple of important goals to me were to be more mindful about the foods I eat, to make an effort to cook nutritious meals and being confident enough in my cooking skills to actually do it. I also wanted to get into running again, something that I've always previously loved to do but had stopped doing in the past few years and to make healthy eating and exercise a part of my daily routine and lifestyle. 

When first writing down these goals they seemed pretty big, scary and unattainable to me.

Cooking was a chore to me, something that I couldn't do and I just looked for the fastest and easiest foods that would fill me up quickly including a lot of sugar that made me feel dull and sluggish and were ultimately hurting my body.

I had lost all confidence in my running and was scared at the thought of starting again. I had thoughts of injuring myself or putting too much pressure on myself to get out and be able to run a huge distance  right away.

I had no idea how to put these goals into action to create a healthy lifestyle. Within the very first session of talking to Julia I felt more confident.

Julia helped me to break down these big scary ideas into small attainable goals that I would be able to achieve - and even if I didn't achieve them right away that was ok too.

She listened to the foods I felt comfortable cooking and put together recipe ideas that were delicious and perfect for a less than confident cook. In that first week I made a vegetable stir fry and a frittata. It may not sound like much to most people but to me it was huge.

Julia made me see that healthy cooking can be for anyone and it doesn't have to be fancy or complicated (or pretty!).

We also started small steps with running. Instead of putting pressure on myself to start running straight away Julia encouraged me to just get outside and start walking. Waking up and going for a walk around beautiful Bondi was enough to get me feel energised and it was great to get out and about. We then progressed to running short distances and building up very slowly from there. 

Running is now a part of my regular exercise routine and I feel fantastic after every run - no matter what the distance I feel proud of myself. 

During all of this Julia would send me positive messages and made me see how much I had to be grateful for and the potential in myself. 

We would talk on a fortnightly basis on video call, setting new small goals to help achieve my larger ones. After these conversations I would feel excited about the week and challenges ahead. 

A huge difference I have noticed in my body is that I now don't have any stomach issues. I can't believe what I put up with for so long and thought was 'normal'. 

Through changing my habits and healthy eating I'm not in the pain that I was in on an almost daily basis anymore. It's a massive relief to not have these stomach issues and the stress that comes with them.

Another huge change is the energy I now have. Julia helped me to see this new lifestyle not as a chore but as a routine that I now actually look forward too. I have more energy at work and feel more productive in my day to day life.

The biggest overall change I feel is probably mental rather than physical. 

I used to stress a lot and get really anxious about everyday little things that would blow up and become big things in my mind. I had come to accept my worries as a normal part of life but with Julia's encouraging words and her guidance in creating a healthy lifestyle my mind feels clearer and I feel a lot happier. If you tackle something small every day then it can lead to big changes. 

Julia is someone who you can instantly connect with and trust. She challenged me, got me to open up and view things differently without me ever feeling out of my depth.

Her personality is bright and bubbly but she also can absolutely 100% relate to how you are feeling and for me that was amazing. I could discuss things I hadn't talked about in a long time and Julia created an environment where it was completely normal. 

I would recommend Julia to anyone and everyone! Anyone who would like to make positive changes in their lives, anyone who wants to be healthier, who wants to get into exercising, create better habits, feel less stress or even just smile more. 

I feel completely different to a year ago - so much so that I've booked a 14 day trek to Everest Base Camp and I'm going on my own. With Julia's wonderful words, help and guidance I have built up the confidence to do this and have the knowledge to prepare myself both physically and mentally.

I cannot thank her enough for this and for everything she has done for me.”


Hannah Kinross-White, Sydney.

Julia Craig-46.jpg


Ishani's Praise


"I wanted to lose weight, appreciate and love myself more and reduce and control abdominal pain and cramping.

Julia broke down my concerns by asking me simple questions. These questions allowed me to 'dig-deep' and understand what negative barriers were making me feel insecure and, flat.

By asking me these questions, she was able to find out what activities and actions I could undertake to assist me with eradicating these feelings.

What I loved the most was, Julia encouraged me to do the things I was already so passionate about to remedy these 'blockages'. For example, doing more yoga, sharing some great healthy snacks for work, doing more meditation, etc. 

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been having
less abdominal pain and cramping - being more aware of my stress levels or even just being aware when I'm starting to feel stressed. The awareness allows me to control my painful stomach cramps.

 This was one of the biggest issues for me!

Now, I feel amazing! My level of confidence within myself has boomed. I feel great and this has resonated in all areas of my life. I've had family and friends tell me that I'm glowing…..


Julia is the most purest and kind soul. There's no other way to describe her. When I first met her, I felt like I was meeting someone I had known for many, many years.

She just gets you and understands you from the get-go!"

Ishani Sharma, Melbourne


"Julia was one of my initial sources of knowledge and wisdom towards a brighter future.

While going through period of uncertainty, seeing multiple specialists and my health still declining I was at rock bottom.

Teaching me cooking techniques to eliminate gluten, dairy and nuts without missing out on great food. How to cook meals for nourishment, to help my gut issues and easy tips and tricks to not fall off the band wagon along the way to achieve a healthy gut and mind.

Thanks so much Julia, you opened up a whole new lifestyle for me and have made my journey to healing Crohns disease a much happier one than it could have been."

HAnnah Roache, Wellington


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