Julia Frances Wellness

exhausted to energetic

Over thinker to centered calmness

Ruled by Cravings - to knowing your body

Digestive issues and bloating

to having a happy, healthy tummy


Find Your sparkle,

The happier and healthier

version of you -

Is inside of you somewhere.









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6 life changing, easy as brekky recipes

...to nail the morning, boost your energy, curb cravings and feel more grounded...


Hi I’m Julia,

I’m a lover of real whole food, cooking, nature adventures and yoga. I am a reformed sugar addict, people pleaser and over exerciser. I’m a health and happiness coach, self love advocate and meditation enthusiast.

I spend my days helping women to discover their best self by creating practical and sustainable habits to help you eat well, exercise regularly, have plenty of energy, feel more chirpy, and love yourself (and your life) a whole lot more.

...and you don't need to quit your job and become a yogi!

My passion for this became clear when I started listening to my body and feeding it nourishing food, thoughts and actions.  

All the other parts of the puzzle naturally fall into place when you feel happy and healthy.