Overnight Oats

My favourite everyday breakfast

The trick with eating nourishing delicious breakfasts is to be organised, do a little bit of prep the night before and make it easy in the morning it’s also key to sit down and consciously enjoy the food you’ve made yourself.


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Overnight oats!

This is what I have most days, I’m in the habit of whipping in up the night before, it takes a few minutes and you can even do a larger batch at once, so brekky is sorted for a few mornings:


2/3 cup rolled oats

About 3/4 cup milk (or nut milk)

1/3 cup plain full fat yogurt (or coconut yoghurt)

1/2 tbsp chia seeds

Pinch salt

Pinch Cinnamon

(add more or less of anything depending on how you like it, I always add a dash more milk in the morning too)


  • nuts add crunch
  • chop up fresh fruit like banana, kiwi fruit, stone fruit or berries, they are a great lower sugar option, fresh or frozen!
  • add a granola topper (I love Little Bird Buckwheat Grawnola) for extra crunch and tastiness


  1. Stir everything together into your brekky bowl (or a jar to take with you) and place in fridge overnight.

  2. In the morning, grab it out and add your toppings and mindfully enjoy or, take it to work with you!


Add other things and mix it up with different toppings - I always do!

Julia Frances Wellness
Julia Frances Wellness
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