Banana Buckwheat Pancakes

It’s a weekend treat and fun for sharing...


It's fun to set the table with a pot of tea, or coffee and all your optional toppings in bowls in the middle and build your own as you go..

I've made these for many a birthday breakfast, Father's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's eve brunch and when we have friends's a fun way to get together as well as a great treat just for you, you can fridge the remaining batter or make extra pancakes to heat later.

Note: my sister heats them up in the toaster for a quick easy midweek brekky! Genius!


1 mashed banana

1c buckwheat flour

2 eggs

1tsp gf baking powder

Pitch of salt

1.5c your choice of milk

(Serves 2 - so adjust accordingly for more mates)


  1. Combine ingredients to form a smooth batter, depending on your preference you can add more milk if it's too thick..(I do)

  2. With butter in a pan on medium heat, pour in batter and flip when golden.

  3. For best batter, make it the night before and fridge it - I don't always do this, but is does reduce prep time in the morning too (handy with hungry guests around)

Julia Frances Wellness
Julia Frances Wellness
Julia Frances Wellness Pancakes

Remember, food is here to nourish us and to be enjoyed with those we love!

Julia Craig