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HI! I'm Julia,

I’m a lover of real whole food, cooking, nature adventures and yoga. I am a reformed sugar addict, people pleaser and over exerciser. I’m a certified health coach, self love advocate, yoga and meditation enthusiast.

I spend my days helping women to discover their best self by creating practical and sustainable habits to help you eat well, exercise regularly, have plenty of energy, feel more chirpy, and love yourself (and your life) a whole lot more.

However, my path hasn’t always been this clear. 

Two years ago I was a normal, fun and sociable young professional living in Melbourne. I found happiness in buying new clothes, having a full weekend of social events, eating out most nights and keeping myself busy outside of work. Despite all this, I had become socially anxious, especially in groups.
I was always a health-conscious eater, but with very little discipline to avoid the foods that I knew would cause days of digestive pain and bloating; my symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). My social life revolved around drinking alcohol and beyond 3 drinks I lost count. Alcohol was my safety, it helped me stop analysing every conversation and took the focus away from racing thoughts, until I woke up with an anxious hangover -  ‘gasp’ did I really dance like that last night? You’d often find me on the dance floor, partly to avoid conversation.

I didn’t really know what it meant to care for my well being and truly love myself.  

I became obsessed with my new exercise regime. I trained 6 times a week and walked about 7km a day. I was losing weight, occasionally dieting and I looked fantastic.
I found my job stressful but I liked the buzz,I thought it meant I was doing a good job. I never really appreciated peacefulness and relaxation.
At one point I realised that my menstrual cycle had stopped for several months. I was told that was normal, that it’s something that sometimes happens and that I should ignore it. I continued on with my busy life, training every day, and shortly after injured my lower back. The pain got so bad that even walking was a struggle. 

I was angry with my body, I expected so much from it and it was trying to tell me something.

Months later, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I heard alarm bells, my body was having trouble doing what it’s built for and I knew I had to make some changes.

It took my family and a team of supportive health professionals to make me realise that perhaps ‘stressed’ was a category I’d fallen into.

 Going back to basics - with so much stress in my body it simply wasn’t safe to reproduce (and I would like to do that one day). I had become so focussed on having the ‘perfect body’ and keeping up my facade, that I forgot to look after myself. I’d lost my sparkle and my connection to myself.

As I would preach; “health is wealth” we are nothing without it! 

So one by one I introduced new daily habits and slowed down in my weekends; cooking healthy food at home, getting to the farmers market and into nature; chilling out more and spending time with supportive friends and family. Writing a gratitude list was how I started every day, appreciation helped a lot, towards improving my mindset. 

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Life got easier, I was smiling on the inside more and soon my cycle came back.

I’m a believer of eating whole, real food that nourishes me. We only get one body, we must look after it. I also believe that no one single diet suits everyone all of the time. I blamed food for my digestive issues, until I realised that food was not my enemy, it was my fuel and my nourishment.

I experienced a huge shift when I got into meditation, I started it to help with my focus at work, soon I found it necessary for a happy, clear mind. Once my back pain improved, I got into Yoga which I now love, I do it for my head as much as my bod. Last year I travelled to India to live and breathe Yoga and I became a certified Yoga Teacher!

In fact last year I left my job and life in Melbourne, for the next step. For one year my beautiful boyfriend and I explored 10 countries in Asia, before recently calling New Zealand home after 5 years abroad.

So I’m all about the daily habits - do what makes you feel good. 

Of course, life gets in the way and I end up feeling average. I find I get the flighty anxiety when I haven’t made time for myself and it’s easy to forget these little things are all just learnings. We are all human, sometimes all of the tools don’t work and we need to create space, to feel the feels and have a good cry or to take a step back for a second. 

I’m passionate about sharing my story and helping you re-write yours. In 2015 I felt the pull, the desire to bring my passion for nutrition and my desire to help others understand just how good life can be. I began studying with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and became a Certified Health Coach and I haven’t looked back. 

It takes steps, commitment, showing up and being authentic to get to where you want to be. 

We don’t notice what is wrong (or right) in our lives until something goes really wrong. Our bodies have ways of giving us little signs that something needs to change and we are "too busy" to listen. 

Wellness to me is more than losing weight or avoiding sickness and pain, but about being the best possible version of ourselves. All the other parts of the puzzle naturally fall into place when you are happy and healthy.

I know my wake up call certainly wasn’t life threatening, but it was a sure sign that something needed to change and I am grateful I listened. Looking back at my journey I see how much I have changed and grown into the person I am today. It’s an awesome feeling.

I love my process because it is positive and gradual. Instead of committing to an entirely new life right now, what if you commit to one thing to make a difference to this day and do the same again tomorrow? 

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