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BEst year yet, Right?

OK so it’s the New Year and you are meant to have it all together, resolutions set - best year yet - #NewYearNewMe coming right up...

Let me guess, this year you want to... (some Resolutions that I prepared earlier)

  • Eat better - more delicious nourishing food made at home

  • Feel more calm and content on the daily

  • Have more energy in the mornings

  • Sleep better, eat healthier, exercise more, feel happier

  • Improve your digestion

  • Have clearer, glowing skin

  • Love yo'self and your body more - do that self love thing

  • Have more fun, better relationships and more confidence

Am I ringing your bells?

We planned to feel all fresh and revived after a good break, well I did..

Then there’s the recovery from all the booze, chips and good times we had over the holiday season and leaving you feeling tired, with slightly depresso first week back at work.

and suddenly, like it did last year, life got in the way, Summer's almost over, and you’re all like - healthy eating and routine starts next week...


At this point I’m itching to get in your ear and tell you it never looks this perfect, let’s start with small steps 

 - with habits  - 


let’s call it


 sounds dorky, but it’s the way to the brighter, lighter side of life  - like actually.

On that note, I’m excited to offer for the first time ever, a one off 90 minute session to kick start 2018 and I called it..


2018 Kickstarter!


Like I said, let’s start small - together we'll do this:

  • Set some sweet intentions for 2018: reflect on what’s going well and what areas you’d like to work on now

  • I’ll share a few helpful healthy hacks with you - tried and true, by me! 

  • Have a practical plan in place e.g. to eat well with a few go to meal ideas

  • Find ways to create your day with healthy morning rituals for energy and a confident sparkle

The focus is to get you clearer on what you’d like to achieve this year -  feel more prepared, less overwhelmed and pretty damn motivated, to get on with feeling like you're nailing it and your inner sparkle is visible to the world.

(and your colleagues start wondering what you're doing differently)


I’m excited, are you?


All you need to do now, is book in below for your kickstarter session with me, Julia Frances Wellness!


It’s a new year special, the investment is $150 and I’ve done you a deal,

book your session now and get 25% off which makes it

$112 (you save nearly 40 bucks)

Working with Julia was not just a change to everyday habits but a shift in the way I saw and approached situations.
— Nov 2017. New Mum, Sydney
We live in such a fast paced world and Julia was able to suggest helpful ways for keeping calm, eating well and creating more energy in my life. Thank you so much! x
— Dec 2017. Amanda, Christchurch

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